From far away as Jupiters sulphur mines

The Painting I Repainted

BRAD – Here’s the painting I repainted


MOM –  What a difference and it didn’t take you forever to do it. She looks much happier in the re-do from the weathered looking woman in the first painting. Does this mean you may do more painting. I hope so, because you do great work.

BRAD – Bahahah the weathered one is the new painting

MOM –  Are you sure? Anyway, they both look good, but different. What can I say? Usually the first one is the original and the second the most current. How did you enjoy the process?

That conversation took place in late September.  I had repainted over a painting I had done almost a full year before, and painted nothing in between.  It sat on a ledge in my living room annoying me every time I looked at it.  I finished up a quick one last week which I’m not planning on painting over. I’ll share in the next post, and I’m already working on a new old one..I’ll explain later.

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