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I’ve Got The Itch Again

I’ve been very busy this past week.  A friend of mind Brad (no relation), twists my arm every once in a while to get involved in shows or contests…  nine times out of ten I bail.  This time I thought it could be an opportunity to see what I could do with my sketches I’ve been making of cartoon characters.  I approached it much like I was doing back in 2006 with my Music Royalty series.

Charlie Brown, Milhouse & SpongeBob SquarePants


I started on some Masters of the Universe sketches: Man at Arms


& Sorceress


I also got going on roughing out the fox for my forest painting.

LEITCH_focDetailI also learned gesso doesn’t last 10 years.  Mine was rock hard, I guess I need to use it more often;)

Thats it


Battery – My latest Painting

I’m pretty pumped to share my latest painting.  It’s been about three or more years since I’ve painted anything over 8″x10″.

Here it is – “Battery” 40″x40″ Spray paint & oil on canvas (eyes are oil paint).


Here’s some process shots

leitch_PaintingProcessIt felt good to get back at it, and using spray paint as a medium is something that I grow more and more fond of, especially on larger works.

That’s it for now…


Busy End To Summer

I’ve been super busy the last couple of months working on new projects, and finishing some old.  I realized I had missed sharing some sketches I had done before I got going on my new commercial portfolio.

Here they are…Lydia_DeetzDumb Donald, JerryEvil-Lyn, Slimer, and Peter Griffin


Bugs Bunny, and Hank Hill


Also at the end of August I tried my first couple of attempts at plein air .  The first is of a neighboring farmers field, and the second, a marina off Lake Huron.

leitch_plein air2

leitch_plein air1

The next time I take a go at these, I want to try using gesso first.  The boards were really drinking up the paint, and at times I found it difficult to move my brush across the surface smoothly.

Finally, the last two weeks I’ve been working on a new piece that I had been planning to do for quite a while now.  It’s a wolf painting 40″x40″ in spray paint and oil.  I’ll share it next post… until then here’s a preview (wasp not included).



The New Old


As usual my latest painting is taking a crazy amount of time.  In a previous post I said it was a new old painting that I was working on.  It’s new because it’s my latest painting….it’s old, because I started it roughly 5 years ago.  I’ve always planned to do this painting and the thought had never waivered on the subject matter.


Six years ago I started by painting the background, and then it sat leaning against a wall collecting dust.  It’s going to be a red fox walking down a trail.  I’m going to go about it much differently than I would have when I started.  Chances are it would have look more like this piece.


Ink outlines, airbrushing, and a bit of oil paint on the details, all with the background comming through.  My plan this time around is to cut a massive 2 colour stencil of the forest where the background will come through, and the fox will be solid oil paint and I’m going to make it as realistic as possible.  In my head it works, will have to see if the two styles blend together enough and doesnt just look like one image sitting on top of another.

Here’s where I’m at with the stencil.

IMG_1151 IMG_1154

You can’t see much at this point but it should come together the more I get cut.  I’m at about 40-50 hours of cutting in two weeks so far and I’m about a quarter done.  The second stencil doesn’t have nearly as much cutting.  It will probably equal the amount I’ve completed on this one, so that’s good news.  It’s going to be a while before this one’s done.  It won’t be that thrilling but I’ll do an update post or two to show where I’m at.

til then

The Painting I Repainted

BRAD – Here’s the painting I repainted


MOM –  What a difference and it didn’t take you forever to do it. She looks much happier in the re-do from the weathered looking woman in the first painting. Does this mean you may do more painting. I hope so, because you do great work.

BRAD – Bahahah the weathered one is the new painting

MOM –  Are you sure? Anyway, they both look good, but different. What can I say? Usually the first one is the original and the second the most current. How did you enjoy the process?

That conversation took place in late September.  I had repainted over a painting I had done almost a full year before, and painted nothing in between.  It sat on a ledge in my living room annoying me every time I looked at it.  I finished up a quick one last week which I’m not planning on painting over. I’ll share in the next post, and I’m already working on a new old one..I’ll explain later.

A Random Thought

I’m really not sure what came over me, but after almost a year of not painting anything, I pulled out my only blank canvas and started messing around.  I decided to only use red, yellow and blue paint with white.  Here’s the progression.

I wasn’t giving too much thought about the colours I was using, but tried to just get the tones I wanted.

As soon as I had the hair in I hated it.  I liked the colour, but to me it just looked whack.  The ends of the hair were more defined than up near her face, and her collar bones looked like they were bursting through her chest.  So I waited a week for it to dry, and hit it again last night while watching The Dark Knight.

I’m way happier with it now.  The hair bleeds back into the image at the bottom instead of just sitting on top, and it covers up more of her body.

It felt good painting again.  I think I might try more often to just sit down and start and see where it takes me.