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Designing Up A Storm

I just gotta say, thanks so much for all the support with my forest paintings. Almost everyone that bought the pieces sent me photos of them hung in their living room, dining room, office, etc. Means a lot.

I’ve been designing up a storm these last few months which has put my fine art and sketching on the backburner.  I’m falling into a nice rhythm so I should be getting back to it soon.  I’ve been doing lots of logo work, banners, social media badges and icons, and food photography.

Here’s just some of the stuff I’ve been doing for Wildly Fit. I guess it’s my duty to tell you to check out some of the health and fitness services Morgan offers (the free Start Wild group is happening next week).




Site Badges/Instagram Advertising


Food Photos with Type




I started teaching in January.  Typography 1 in the Graphic Design program at Toronto Film School.  So far, I’m having a blast.  It’s pretty cool to make these assignments and then the students come back with great work that exceeds expectations.  They’re certainly pushing and inspiring me.IMG_0405Later

Cleaning My Hard Drive

So my stencil cutting has ended for now.  Just not enough hours in the day.  I have wedding to shoot this weekend, so I’ve been prepping for that.  Having to focus on my photography, allowed me to finally export a lot of my pics to an external drive to clear some much needed space (100+ Gigs worth).  Then I finally imported a pile of pics I had taken in late December to the present.


Here’s one of them from the Toronto ice storm …click on it and it will jump you to my flickr page.



I’ve got more to post on my flickr once I have the time to go through them all.


Still keeping up with the daily sketches, here are last week’s:


This week I went with a cat theme, I’ll share next post.  After that I have a Snoopy sketched so maybe I’ll do a dog week.


Art Documentaries

Another week of cutting my stencil went by.  It might not look like it but I got a crazy amount done over the weekend.  I got the bottom panel done and now I get to flip it around and do the top.


While I’m cutting I usually have a video going that I can listen to and look up from time to time.  Here’s a list of documentaries I’ve seen lately.  Click the titles to see the trailers for them.  The Youtube section is the actual flicks….and remember…watch your bandwidth:)

Beauty is Embarrassing – Great flick.  The guy who made puppets and set design for Pee-wee’s Playhouse, turned illustrator, turned fine artist.

Gerhard Richter Painting – Slow moving but interesting seeing an artist who’s made it.

Guest of Cindy Sherman – Interesting seeing someone’s view from the inside of someone who’s made it, but they themselves have not.

Herb & Dorothy – Interesting art collecting pros.

The Art of the Steal – A bit heavy on the politics behind what happend, but crazy art collecting theft. (hyperlink is the actual movie)

Jean Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child – Super dope watching someone rise to fame in such a short period of time.  Best I’ve seen in the list

Louise Bourgeois : The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine – Really slow moving but Louise Bourgeois sells this whith her personality, and the amount of her own personal history she puts in her work.

Waking Sleeping beauty – Disney getting out of the shitter (Little Mermade/Beauty and the Beast era) – Michael Eisner – Good but i think id put it near the bottom of this list

Waste Land – Really good.  Creating art from the world’s largest garbage dump located in Brazil.  How a project can effect the participants more than what was planned.

Bill Cunningham New York – Interesting flick on a fashion photographer with an addictive personality for taking photos.

Exit Through The Giftshop – I’m sure everyones seen this by now.  If you haven’t check it out.  Bumbling Mr Brainwashes rise from Documentary film maker to the elite art market while riding the success of street art.  (hyperlink is the actual movie)


John Baldessari “This Not That” – Great Canadian artist profile…watch it.

The World’s Most Expensive Stolen Paintings PART1 PART2 PART3 PART4 – As the title says – Art theft…booya!

In the Realms of the Unreal – Crazy balls – Very interesting.  Nobody knew, but this dude made a 15,143-page fantasy manuscript entitled The Story of the Vivian Girls along with several hundred watercolor paintings and other drawings illustrating the story…..whhhhhhaaaaatttttt???!!!!

The Durer Rhinoceros – Masterpieces of the British Museum PART1 PART2 – For all the printmakers out there

Painters Painting – A Classic. Abstract expressionism

Robbo vs Banksy- Graffiti Wars – If you’ve seen Exit Through the Giftshop this is a great one to followup…. maybe Banksy isn’t all he’s cracked up to be?

Punk Bird Update

My last post  was about helping my buddy Paul out with fundraising for his Birding Documentary Punk Rock Big Year.  I said I was donating a punk inspired bird original art piece…here’s what I did.

Started with taking some reference photos, literally assembled a pile of garbage.


Drew a blue jay, and did a basic rough inking.


I then assembled it in the computer to make a transfer.


Took a couple tries though.  I switched up the file a bit, changed printers, and the paper I was working on and it came out perfect.

Last but not least, I hit it with a bit of oil painting to bring it all together.  I wanted to keep a bit of the “marker/ink” look to the bird so I only added it mostly to the face and the underside.

Really happy with how this turned out.  I tried to mix it up from my regular processes.  My original idea was to paint a bird with a mohawk, but ended up going a different direction –  I just made a nest out of plaid shirts, spraypaint caps, pins and band flyers.

Here’s the final: