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A Random Thought

I’m really not sure what came over me, but after almost a year of not painting anything, I pulled out my only blank canvas and started messing around.  I decided to only use red, yellow and blue paint with white.  Here’s the progression.

I wasn’t giving too much thought about the colours I was using, but tried to just get the tones I wanted.

As soon as I had the hair in I hated it.  I liked the colour, but to me it just looked whack.  The ends of the hair were more defined than up near her face, and her collar bones looked like they were bursting through her chest.  So I waited a week for it to dry, and hit it again last night while watching The Dark Knight.

I’m way happier with it now.  The hair bleeds back into the image at the bottom instead of just sitting on top, and it covers up more of her body.

It felt good painting again.  I think I might try more often to just sit down and start and see where it takes me.