From far away as Jupiters sulphur mines


New Portfolio Site

It’s been a few weeks since my last post.  I went away to my cottage at the end of July and since I’ve been back I have powered out a new site to showcase my graphic design, photo retouching, and illustrative work.


I used behance.  It’s pretty good, and it’s free.  It was a bit of a learning curve to figure out dimensions of files and other formatting issues, but after two solid weeks it’s complete.  This new site wont replace, it will allow me to use that site simply for my fine art.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Back to Watercolour

Time flies when you’re having fun.  Another week of sketches completed.  This past week I did Charlie Brown, LSP, Porky Pig, Betty Rubble, and Mordecai.


I also painted a watercolour painting for Wildly Fit, a healthy living company based out of Toronto.  It was inspired by my last post “Time for change”. Over the course of the next little while I’ll make a few of these, all with positive messages for their social media channels, and it might build into a larger project.

leitch_timeForChangeThat’s it for now…Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-That’s all, folks!


Time For Change

A lot has gone down in the past few weeks.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I had a freelance gig that came in.  The illustration is up and it’s for  7-Eleven Day Friday July 11.  It’s 7-Eleven’s Birthday and the first 1500 guests to each store get a free Slurpee.  Grab all your friends and take a selfie with your Slurpees.  There are prizes.  To see my illustration and more info on the big day as well as contest details click here.leitch_starbucks

I started heading to the coffee shop in my neighborhood every morning for my daily sketches (follow me on Instagram to see all the updates).  I did American Dad! for July 4th weekend in the US, Log (from Ren & Stimpy), Jon Arbuckle, Milhouse, and I coloured my Bart Simpson sketch.


Many more cool projects to go down in the next few weeks to come.  I’ll share as I get to them.



Up To Date

When I pulished my last post I realized I had not shared a sketch I had done after the pigeons but before the freelancing gig.

It’s Rick and Morty


I’ve been hooked on this show from the get go.  It’s created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland and it is funny.  It’s adult humour with the two main characters inspired by Back to the Future‘s Emmett Brown and Marty McFly.

My first sketch back last week I did Captain Caveman.


And in honour of Canada’s birthday I did the The Log Driver’s Waltz.



I’m starting to gain momentum so hopefully I can share as I go.


Two Big Projects and a Microphone

I’m still here.  I haven’t been sketching the last month because my sketches brought in some freelance work.  The illustration turned out pretty sweet.  I can’t share at the moment but hoping I might be able to soon.  The past 5 or so days I’ve been getting back out of the house which included St Vincent at NXNE and ART BATTLE.

My buddy Brad (no relation) was in the Toronto City Finals and I went out to support.  It was at The Great Hall which I haven’t been to in years.  There was a pretty cool vibe.  I think it was two rounds of 8 artists in each round.  With the top three from each, moving onto a final round….oh and you only get 20 minutes to do it.


Pretty nuts what people can get up to in 20 minutes. Brad did a pretty tight piece in the time given.  He didn’t make the cut. I though he was robbed because in my opinion he was minimum top three for his group, but I’m not sure how people were voting.


Also should say that right before the freelance job started I got the wedding photographs done. Feels pretty great to have those two huge projects done right when summer is getting into full swing.


Click over to my Flickr account to see more of the wedding photos.

I’m taking the long weekend off from work and art. Thinking of more sketches maybe some paintings. Who knows what the summer will bring.


In past weeks I’ve had a theme for my sketches for the week: dogs, cats, etc.  Last week I decided to sketch some characters from the same show with the thought of using Photoshop to piece them together into one image.  I chose the The Goodfeathers from Animaniacs.  The Goodfeathers was a spoof on characters that were in the Goodfellas and The Godfather movies.





Initially I didn’t like the face I had given Squit.  It came out way too wacky.  He looked more like a Rodney Dangerfield than a Ray Liotta. So for the first time in theses sketches,  I erased it and drew a new one that was less wacky, but still keeping in the look of the cartoon character. LEITCH_instagram13

I didn’t like it even more, so instead of wearing a whole in the page (and knowing I was piecing it together in the end anyway)  I drew one to the side.  I tried less making it look like the cartoon character and more like RayLiotta himself.

Finished off with GODPIGEON


I’m very happy with the result, and the decision to change up Squit’s face.


Think I might get it heat transferred to a shirt.



Jeff The Chef

I ran out of time last week to put up a post, so I have a pile of sketches for this post.  I tried some old characters as usual, but I also tried some current stuff.




It always means a lot when my friends and family dig what I’m doing, but it can also be awesome to have a complete stranger like what you up to. Someone on Instagram named “Jeffthechef” left the sweetest message yesterday.


Thanks Jeff #inspiredtokeepsketching

Dog Week

Another week of sketching…


now Stimpy has a Ren,


and Garfield has an Odie (who looks like he’s been sniffing glue).


I’ve gone and scanned each one in now, so if I ever make a print run or a poster, or even decide to photoshop the groups of characters together I can.  This week I’m back to random characters…Mickey Mouse and Astro Boy so far…will share next week.


Cat Week

So as I said last week I had to shoot a wedding over the weekend.  It was mad hectic for me.  The wedding was great, the couple getting married was great (family wedding) ….no complaints what so ever.  It was the stress of making sure I got decent shots.  Turned out, I got some really great pics.  For the next couple weeks I’ll be spending my time sorting through them all, so cutting my stencil will stay on the back burner. Once the couple sees them maybe I’ll share them here too.

Last week was cat week with my sketches


This week I’ve been doing dogs – snoopy, underdog, maybe an odie, and I think I’m going to ditch the themes after that and go back to a bunch of randoms again.

Cleaning My Hard Drive

So my stencil cutting has ended for now.  Just not enough hours in the day.  I have wedding to shoot this weekend, so I’ve been prepping for that.  Having to focus on my photography, allowed me to finally export a lot of my pics to an external drive to clear some much needed space (100+ Gigs worth).  Then I finally imported a pile of pics I had taken in late December to the present.


Here’s one of them from the Toronto ice storm …click on it and it will jump you to my flickr page.



I’ve got more to post on my flickr once I have the time to go through them all.


Still keeping up with the daily sketches, here are last week’s:


This week I went with a cat theme, I’ll share next post.  After that I have a Snoopy sketched so maybe I’ll do a dog week.