From far away as Jupiters sulphur mines

Eat, Sleep, & Work

Branding, designing, illustrating and teaching have kept me super busy all year, which has been a wild ride. I did manage to slide a bit of my own stuff in between all of these projects. It’s pretty safe to say I eat, sleep and work. Here’s some of the stuff I did between my everyday projects on my down time.

I spent a solid 10 minutes painting a blue jay with my dads Tremclad. It was on the back of an old counter top that caused the paint to run quite a bit. I called it quits when I was half eaten alive by mosquitoes.LEITCH_blue jay

I picked back up on my throwback sketches of the heroes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Left to right – Stratos, Ram Man, Man-E-Faces, Buzz-Off, Orko, Fisto,


and Teela.

I have about four more heroes to go and then I think I’m going to take a break from He-Man for a little bit. I need to bounce around again for a change of pace.

To follow my art work on a more regular basis check out my Instagram: @letich

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