From far away as Jupiters sulphur mines

Give Me Five

Up until September, I spent the last year  not working on any of my own art. For Some reason, at the end of September i started again.  I’ve been on kind of a tear, painting and drawing.  I was on threadless last week and thought I’d try a couple of the competitions.  First was to create a design based on a band that does not exist.  Here’s what I made.

LEITCH Predator Mantel

Once upon a time Rock Band hit the scene…all the kids were doing it. My buddy Jobin had just bought it and had some friends over. We needed a name. A name that said we will sing just as garbage as everyone else. I looked to his fireplace mantel where he had Predator figurines (dolls if you will). We became Predator Mantel for one night only.

The second design was for the World Wildlife Fund.  Here it is.

LEITCH In It Together

LEITCH In It Together2

The idea was that we are in this together.  With the overnight success of Ikea monkey, I decided to add him.  Thought it was a nice shout out to Toronto.

If you’re down with these designs and would like to see them on some shirts, please click the images above to vote.  You will more than likely have to sign up to the site but I’m pretty sure there is an option to not get notified by them.  I’ve been signed up for a bit and they don’t seem to hastle me.

Ok so even if you hate these…sign up and vote for me by clicking the images above.  My bank account will thank you if i win.  Not by me giving you any money (heavens no)  but you will sleep easy knowing I got paid.


and Happy Holidays


One response

  1. predator mantle is still one of the greatest bands in rock history…..and my ‘dolls’ have been replaced by wedding photos. sucks.

    December 19, 2012 at 11:28 pm

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