From far away as Jupiters sulphur mines

Time McFlys

Feel free to blast this track while reading – The Power of Love

The Summer’s almost coming to and end.  Geeeeezze where did the time go.  The year started out with me deciding to take a step back with my fine art and reevaluate where I’m going with it all.  I made a plan to first update my portfolio which hadn’t been touched in over five years.  Then work got in the way.  About three solid months that turned into a blur, combined with some freelance design work, followed by a “I don’t want to do anything” hangover has pretty much brought me to the present.

I can’t say it was all work and no play.  Part of the hangover was just chillin and reconnecting with friends and family.  I went to a few talks and I saw all kinds of art.

From seeing Picasso a few times to Coeur De Lion Textiles beautiful representation for the National Ballet of Canada’s The Tutu Project.

Ben Sellick’s Solo Show

Kestin Cornwall’s Solo show

Karen Abel’s Installation at EiM Gallery

and Most Recently Seeing Brian Hoang, Jillian Newland, Zen Rankin, and Thadeus Maximus at Fan Expo Canada

I’ve watched a pile of documentaries some on the world, some on art.  Last week I watched Crumb – A flick about the controversial comic book writer/artist and his family…pretty crazy stuff.  As the fall quickly approaches I’m chipping away at my portfolio once again, thinking about finishing old projects and planning some new ones.  I finished the plan for a mural I’m working on the other day.  I’m not quite sure if I will start on it now or in the new year.

I have read The Artist’s Way which says you should write out your thoughts every morning to get rid of all the garbage in your head to open you to your creativeness.  I haven’t read it yet, but theres a book called Steal Like An Artist which sounds like its saying to “borrow” your ideas.  At some point recently I saw, or heard, or read (can’t remember the source) that to be producing great art you need to be obsessive about it, to be living it.  I’m sure they’re all right.

That’s it for me…back to work.


One response

  1. steph

    You’ve been busy, can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂

    August 28, 2012 at 10:00 pm

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